High Voltage, Couric’s Fitness Buddy, Zaps Varick Street With 60th Birthday Party

The fitness guru High Voltage celebrated her 60th (!) birthday on Tuesday, June 24, at the eco-conscious Greenhouse nightclub on Varick Street. Ms. Voltage, born Kathie Dolgin, has run a program encouraging American girls to be active and healthy for eight years.

Children from the program performed a dance, then filed out as fresh fruit and Skyy Vodka bottles were laid out on tables.

“We work on bringing healthy foods into the schools for kids and teaching them that healthy food, working out, and being fit, fabulous, and fierce is what it’s all about,” said Ms. Voltage, a recovered anorexic, bulimic, drug addict and alcoholic. “Energy Up is a vibe. It’s a mind-set. We work with the girls to be the best, and they’re the best. And this is America. Anyone of these girls can be anything they want to be.”

She hasn’t always worked with children. “I worked for 30 years with very high-network individuals all over the world.” One of these was CBS anchor Katie Couric, there wearing a black dress, admiring Ms. Voltage’s white Spandex ensemble. “I could never get away with that,” Ms. Couric said. “I haven’t worn Spandex since I was 13!”

She praised her friend’s efforts. “Not only has she helped girls get healthy, but she improved their self-esteem immeasurably, and their academic performances have followed suit. You know, you hear so much about childhood and teenage obesity. You hear about all of these different programs, but this one actually works. … I wish a lot of people would recognize what she has done, and follow her lead.”

Ms. Voltage was gyrating around the room. “Well, we are going to kick the energy up in here tonight, we’ll have the adult version of dancing and have some fun!” she said.

“I feel like we’ve done our job when one of the kids comes up to me and says ‘Oh my God, Voltage! I was with my friend and we went into Mickey D’s and that food smelled nasty!’ I’m like ‘ Yes!’ When you see their eyes light up!

“If you eat crap you feel like crap,” she said. “Duh!”







High Voltage, Couric’s Fitness Buddy, Zaps Varick Street With 60th Birthday Party