Hoboken endgame

HOBOKEN – The outcome of Peter Cammarano versus Dawn Zimmer could hinge on absentee ballots – there are 775 of them -or it could be the weather – the latest reports say a 6 p.m. deluge.

If Cammarano has cornered old Hoboken – an unfortunate term, admittedly, but useful in identifying a voting bloc here – then late rain pouring with two hours until the polls close could hit Zimmer harder than Cammarano.

The at-large councilman claimsa chunk of those votes, to be sure, but Zimmer has sought with a pure reform slogan to be the champion of transient Manhattan workadays looking to build a homein the mile square city.

In any event, Zimmer works hard in the closing moments of her runoff with Cammarano.

"Trying to get last minute votes," she says in her home ward behind City Hall as the last rush of voters empties the ferry and train plaforms and heads up Washington Street.

Hoboken endgame