In Hoboken, Cammarano v. Zimmer

The Dawn Zimmer campaign has framed the game as staus quo versus change while Peter Cammarano's camp has basically takena

The Dawn Zimmer campaign has framed the game as staus quo versus change while Peter Cammarano's camp has basically takena "just watch the debates" tack, arguing the edge in terms of qualifications and competence.

Tomorrow the forces of the 4th Wardcouncilwoman and the at-large councilman will clash to determine who will succeed embattled Mayor DaveRoberts, who saddled Hoboken with a 47% tax increase and in the process gave attorneyCammarano his campaign slogan as the only candidate in the race who opposed the state takeover that led to the hike.

As the last reformer standing in this race who two years ago ran in outright opposition to the Roberts era, photographer Zimmer in this special runoff election tomorrow competes with the backing of 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Zimmeris the only mayoral candidate running at the head of the same council slate with which she started the race: Dave Mello, Carol Marsh and Ravi Bhalla.

Although Mason backed Zimmer after losing the May 12th election,two of her running mates – Raul Morales and Vincent Addeo, lined up with Camarano and Angel Alicea for the runoff.

Cammarano has mustered establishment Democrat support, including Senate President Richard Codey (D-Roseland) and major party backers, but he has had to overcome at least two controversies over the course of the last three weeks.

The first involved the participation by an unidentified PAC, which ran cable television ads and distributed mailers apparently on the councilman's behalf, but which Cammarano believed did him more harm than good.

"We learned last Thursday that they cancelled their cable television buy," said Cammarano campaign strategist Paul Swibinski. "That was what we wanted to accomplish by going public against the ads."

Zimmer has used the other issuetoamplify what she sees as Cammarano's credibility problem: his failure to file his state ELection Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) report in time to meet required deadlines.

"If something comes in today we will have it up on the website tomorrow," said Fred Hermann ofELEC. "As of right now, there's nothing there."

Swibinski told PolitickerNJ.comlate Monday afternoon that the campaign forwarded a copy of the candidate'scontributions to the Hoboken Reporter on Monday, but Zimmer repeatedly maintained her essential argument that Cammaranohas evaded transparency by not filing in a timely manner. In Hoboken, Cammarano v. Zimmer