‘Is There a Mayor’s Race In This City?’ ‘Excellent Question.’

Bill de Blasio, a City Councilman from Brooklyn running for public advocate, fielded a question this morning that may make the Bill Thompson folks cringe a little.

A woman attending a Citizens Union event at the Puck Building featuring de Blasio said, “I understand and I see there is a public advocate’s race in the city. I see you and the others everywhere. But do you feel there’s a mayor’s race in the city?”

De Blasio said it was an “excellent question” before going on to say, “It’s up to us to make sure there is a mayoral race in this city. There is one and we have to regard it as such, we have to talk about it as such.”

He goes on to say it’s “irresponsible” to consider the race a forgone conclusion. “There is a deep desire for change among the populace, a lot of frustration with City Hall, tremendous frustration over the economy, obviously” and “a lingering anger over the term-limits decision.” ‘Is There a Mayor’s Race In This City?’ ‘Excellent Question.’