Kennedy Backs Vance, Citing ‘Pragmatism and Idealism’

At a fund-raiser last night on the Upper East Side, Caroline Kennedy said she’s backing Cy Vance for Manhattan district attorney because he combines “pragmatism and idealism.”

In fact, she said it twice.

According to a transcript and video of the event sent by the campaign, Kennedy said:

“Cy is the most experienced candidate in the race, and he has the support of those who best understand what is needed in our next DA. He has served as an outstanding prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer, commissioner for sentencing reform and community leader. But perhaps most importantly, through his long career, he has maintained the ability to combine pragmatism and idealism to achieve justice.”

She went on to say, “Cy understands that pragmatism and idealism must be intertwined and his career has been spent proving that is possible.”

The combination of “pragmatism and idealism” echoes the Vance’s campaign argument that practical courtroom experience is needed, along with an ability to appeal to the sort of liberal Manhattan voters that Richard Aborn has tried to corner the market on. Kennedy Backs Vance, Citing ‘Pragmatism and Idealism’