Leggy Mormon Kristina Stewart Ward Sells Society Tome

Kristina Stewart Ward, who has covered society for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Hampton Style, has sold a book to Harmony (an imprint of Crown Publishing), according to Publisher’s Marketplace.

Described as “equal parts memoir and rollicking narrative of New York’s ‘end of the party,’ charting Manhattan’s recently ended 20-year run as a glittering boomtown and the glossy magazine world that covered it,” the book is titled HI, Society.

It is the latest example of socialites cashing in on the collapse by writing about their Upper East Side friends and neighbors. (See: Tatiana Boncompagni‘s Hedge Fund Wives and Alexandra Lebenthal‘s yet untitled society novel.)

Ms. Stewart Ward, a devout Mormon, wrote a first-person essay for Vogue in 2007 about the consequent challenges covering New York society. Her nickname used to be “No Sex and the City.”

Amid a discussion of hiring nannies (Mormons don’t do that) and not drinking while out on the town, Ms. Stewart Ward wrote things like this: “While my married Mormon friends collected children and school bills, I collected a closetful of designer dresses, a sprawling library of social-history books, and an even bigger shoe closet.”

Presumably her novel will include some of these details as well. Calls to Ms. Ward’s editor at Harmony Books and to her book agent have not been returned. We’ll update if we hear anything. Leggy Mormon Kristina Stewart Ward Sells Society Tome