Livington councilman/dentist in trouble over prescriptions

Attorney General Anne Milgram is looking to strip Livingston Councilman Gary Schneiderman of his dental license for allegedly givingprescriptions for Percocet and Oxycontin to his girlfriend.

Milgram alleged that Schneiderman, a Democrat who previously served as the township’s mayor, wrote at least 65 prescriptions to the unnamed woman,

“The misuse of prescription pain killers endangers the public,” said Milgram in a press release. “Dr. Schneiderman violated the trust placed in him as a member of the medical community. He cannot be allowed to remain in practice.”

Schneiderman’s girlfriend was not a patient of his, according to the release.

Milgram’s press release did not mention that Schneiderman is an elected official. The Jersey Journal put that together.

Schneiderman could not immediately be reached for comment. Essex County Freeholder Pat Sebold, who leads the Livingston Democrats, said she was not sure if she would call on Schneiderman to resign.

“I really can’t give you an answer yet, because we haven’t sat down to discuss it. But we will,” she said. “A lot of people are calling and telling me what they think. I can’t tell you that any kind of final decision has been made.” Livington councilman/dentist in trouble over prescriptions