Lonegan back with AFP

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan will once again stand with a fake pig.

The former Bogota mayor is returning to work at the anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity, which he ran between leaving office as mayor of Bogota and running for the Republican nomination for governor.

Lonegan, who used to be the group’s state director, will now be the New Jersey chapter’s senior policy director.

"I welcome this opportunity to educate citizens about the dangers of Washington and Trenton's socialist policy agenda," he said. "Big government has one goal and that's replacing individual initiative and excellence with collectivism and overall mediocrity. Americans need to know what's at stake with Washington's plans for our nation," Lonegan added, "Their policy ideas will destroy our nation and, like Rush Limbaugh, I hope they fail."

The group plans a press conference with Lonegan on the State House steps this afternoon, complete with a 10-foot inflatable pig. Before running for governor, Lonegan was known for wheeling a different giant pig on a trailer to events across the state – a comment on Trenton’s fiscal policies.

Lonegan back with AFP