Margaret Brennan Leaves CNBC for Bloomberg TV

Seven months ago, when David Rhodes left Fox News to become the head of American TV programming for Bloomberg News, he said that one of his goals was to give his new TV division a more international focus.

“Everybody in this industry talks about wanting to do more global newsgathering and, particularly with regards to the financial crisis, about the interconnectedness of these issues,” said Mr. Rhodes at the time. “But not many have the capability to gather in these places. That is such an opportunity. [Bloomberg] still has journalists and bureaus in all these places….Right now you don’t really see that in the programming.”

To date, Mr. Rhodes’ tenure at Bloomberg TV has been relatively quiet. But on Tuesday morning, in what is arguably his highest profile hire to date, Mr. Rhodes announced that Margaret Brennan, a general assignment reporter at CNBC, will be joining Bloomberg in July.

Where will Ms. Brennan fit in?

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Rhodes told The Observer that in the fall Bloomberg TV will be unveiling new production environments and changing up some of its programming. “Between now and then it’s going to be a lot of experimentation,” said Mr. Rhodes.

In the short term, according to Mr. Rhodes, Ms. Brennan will likely be anchoring the 10 a.m. hour. After that, who knows? “We’re going to be looking at who works best with whom and on what stories,” said Mr. Rhodes. “The common denominator here is thinking about the global approach to business. And a lot of the things we assign are going to be, in the main, about that.”

Historically, business correspondents leave Bloomberg for CNBC. Not vice versa. But Mr. Rhodes seems to have lured Ms. Brennan away from CNBC, in part, by emphasizing the opportunities at Bloomberg to focus on international news stories.

Prior to joining CNBC, Ms. Brennan majored in foreign affairs at the University of Virginia, studied Arabic at a university in Jordan as a Fulbright-Hayes scholar, and interned at CNN’s international newsdesk.

“I’m going to be anchoring there, and hopefully expanding my reporting as well,” Ms. Brennan told The Observer on Tuesday. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to join an already great team. My background and my interest is in international news. I’d love to tap into that. I’ve been covering the consumer and retail for a few good years now at CNBC….I think across the board, you can’t separate the business stories from the international political stories any longer. Covering the global consumer, covering the global markets–all that is going to be a part of the canvas here.”

Margaret Brennan Leaves CNBC for Bloomberg TV