Member-Item Time

Last year, the mayor’s office blocked City Councilman Joel Rivera from giving $10,000 in public money to the Davidson Community Center, saying the group had a “poor performance on past contracts.”

Rivera’s request to fund the group through his member-item allotment was denied.

Now, that group is tentatively slated to get $75,000 in member-item money from City Councilwoman Maria Baez, according to this list of proposed funding.

A spokesperson for the Council emailed to say the fund is pending.

“They will go through the full review process. If they demonstrate that they have improved sufficiently, then they will get funding,” said Council spokesperson Maria Alvarado. She said the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services “has indicated that they have been cleared for small business services.”

The list of member items is posted above. I and a bunch of reporters are going through it now. Tell me what you find. Member-Item Time