Milgram charges two more with messenger ballot fraud

The total number of campaign workers for former Atlantic City mayoral candidate Marty Small charged with messenger ballot fraud just grew to five.

Attorney General Anne Milgram announced today that she is charging Michelle Griffin, 29, of Pleasantville, and Toni Dixon, 51, of Atlantic City, with two counts of voter fraud and one count of tampering with public records.

Griffin is the sister of newly-elected Pleasantville Board of Education member Melanie Griffin, who along with her two running mates won the April school board election on the strength of absentee ballots despite losing at the polls. The losing candidates allege fraud.

Dixon is the sister of the disgraced former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway.

The Pleasantville absentee ballots were all submitted by Dixon’s brother, David Callaway, and Floyd Talley. Both were charged earlier this month with messenger ballot fraud in the Atlantic City election., along with Luquay Q. Zahir.

Although messenger ballots tipped the Pleasantville election, they could not overcome incumbent Lonrenzo Langford’s landslide win over small last month. Milgram charges two more with messenger ballot fraud