Morning Read: Cheering the City Budget, Lunching at the Grill Room


Republican Representative Pete King turned down an offer from the White House to become the ambassador to Ireland. (It's also one of the few jobs that seems to interest Kevin Sheekey.)

The city’s new budget deal will shrink its workforce by about 2,000 jobs, but save a voucher program.

The Daily News says only about 1,000 jobs will be cut.

The budget saves 100 animals from being shipped out of zoos. But, only half the education cuts were restored.

Ken Mitchell said money for the Staten Island borough president's office was also restored.

Vos Iz Neias carries news of the vouchers, and says the program will be revisited in six months.

The City Council will vote on specifics of the budget later this week.

Christine Quinn, Ray Kelly, Ed Koch and David Dinkins are regulars at the Four Seasons Grill Room, reports Vanity Fair.

This blogger wonders how Quinn affords it.

Jarrett Murphy looks at Norman Siegel.

Here’s Mole333’s dispatch to Kos readers about the campaigns in Brooklyn.

Fresh from his trip to the beaches of Normandy, Clyde Haberman says there are no heroes in Albany.

Despite a deadline, there’s not much movement on development of the World Trade Center.

Steve Sigmund said the W.T.C. talks weren’t impacted by the absence of Chris Ward.

A construction official working on the September 11 Memorial resigned amid an ongoing probe.

A corrections official resigned after it was made public that some Jewish inmates got special treatment.

He had been a “leading candidate” to become the department’s new commissioner.

Tom Suozzi says the mess in Albany threatens his deal with unions.

Joye Brown says don’t underestimate “our local boy, Dean Skelos.”

The city is moving forward with plans for the North Shore Marine Transfer Station near LaGuardia Airport.

Someone is collecting Bloomberg quotes.

Chuck Lesnick will try trimming Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone’s $903 budget plan.

One of Andy Spano's campaign aides dismissed the Policemen’s Benevolent Association of Westchester as a “small, fringe organization.” Spano’s opponent is not pleased.

Jonathan Tasini wants to debate.

A headline from the Times Union: “Gillibrand: The breastfeeding senator.”

Mark Riley says Obama “intervened once on behalf of Sen. Gillibrand. Let it end there.”

There are no Democrats and no Republicans in these Long Island elections.

The New York Times editorial board likes Sheldon Silver’s plan for extending mayoral control.

Anna Phillips has a plan to create an Education Department watchdog.

The New York Post editorial board supports new regulations on pedicabs.

Readers like Charles Barron’s perspective on the State Senate.

U.S. officials killed 100 geese to protect airplanes.

And pictured above is Malcolm Smith, running alongside a photographer during a parade on Sunday. Morning Read: Cheering the City Budget, Lunching at the Grill Room