Morning Read: Golisano Takeover, Bloomberg’s Reaction, Ice Cream Conspiracy

Ken Bazinet reports that “[Carolyn] Maloney has been approached by at least two intermediaries” who want her out of the race.

“[I]s Maloney really drinking her own kool-aid?” asks Swing State Project.

It's "hard to see who or what could prevent Gillibrand from winning a full Senate term,” writes Daniel Nichanian. takes credit for reporting part of the Gillibrand biography.

A New York Times/Cornell/NY1 poll shows seven in ten New Yorkers don’t want to elect David Paterson as governor in 2010.

Readers disagree on the meaning of the results of the Times poll yesterday about Bloomberg.

Nate Silver has more bad news for Paterson.

Robert George doesn’t think Paterson can capitalize on the loss of legislative control the way Bill Clinton did.

White House political director Patrick Gaspard was reportedly working the phones yesterday, trying to fix the mess in Albany.

“[Pedro] Espada's betrayal of the Democratic party has me discovering depths of emotions regarding NY State Politics I never knew I had,” writes Kos diarist Travis Ballie.

Gatemouth warns of what would happen if one of the two defectors went back to the Democrats, resulting in a 31-31 split in the senate.

Tom Golisano, and his top aide Steve Pigeon, orchestrated the coup.

Malcolm Smith’s Blackberrying helped push Golisano over the edge.

Smith is keeping the Senate chambers locked.

James Madore suggests alternative locations to work.

Jim Dwyer refers to Pedro Espada as a “man who could not be bought, cheaply.”

Juan Gonzalez remembers Espada’s history, and writes, “I was astonished at how willing Espada was to wear a wire against any politician, Democrat or Republican, to save his own skin.”

The New York Times editorial board is not happy with Espada or Monserrate.

The Daily News editorial board focuses its scorn on Golisano.

“It’s time for Dems to admit defeat,” says the New York Post editorial board.

Is John Sampson going to lead the Democrats now?

Jacob Gershman blames poor Democratic leadership for the coup, and suggests that Republicans could stick it to them by passing same-sex marriage.

“The mayor also has considerably more faith in the Republicans as professional legislators,” writes Chris Smith, who says Bloomberg will, basically, end up a winner here.

Mayoral control is more likely to pass now.

What about redistricting?

“[I]f you’re pro-same-sex marriage, you should know that a major milestone was just hijacked by two alleged criminals,” writes Morgan Clendaniel.

Ken Rudin picks up Steve Kornacki’s analysis, and also says same-sex marriage may not be dead after all.

Austin Shafran gets pretty quotable, while his boss keeps a low profile.

Espada and Monserrate released statements saying they’re still Democrats.

Think Magazine refers to them as “two conservative city Democrats.”

Roy Edroso thinks Red State has it wrong on Monserrate and his legal woes.

A timely poem about David Paterson, from Celebrity Haiku.

Eleven patrol officers are assigned to the High Line. Fifteen officers are assigned to cover all the parks in the Bronx.

“The Rockland District Attorney's Office is investigating charges that Monsey-area residents were enticed to vote with promises of ice-cream makers.”

Nassau County Legislator Roger Corbin pled not guilty to evading taxes.

Liz Smith wants to know what Bloomberg’s gathering was about.

Tom Golisano addresses, briefly, the fact that he is dating tennis great Monica Seles.

  Morning Read: Golisano Takeover, Bloomberg’s Reaction, Ice Cream Conspiracy