Morning Read: Monserrate the Hero, Gerson’s Flying Phone

Kirsten Gillibrand’s support for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is “a major shift from her position as a representative.”

Added: A Gillibrand campaign spokesperson disputes that characterization and points to this as proof.

Chris Cillizza says we should stop being shocked the White House is getting involved in primaries.

This reporter notes Gillibrand is doing some work for a local wounded Marine.

Michael Bloomberg wore a top hat in Brooklyn.

Goose-lovers protested outside Bloomberg’s house.

Both Joel Rivera and Maria Baez are trying to give taxpayer money to a group that was barred from getting it last year.

Frank Lombardi reports “there’s been no reduction in the pork-barrel allocation for the Council.”

Inez Dickens is sponsoring the most member items of anybody.

Alan Gerson “had his cell phone thrown against the wall by club member Gil Horowitz after breaking up an argument Horowitz was having with Gerson’s mother, Sophie, 84.”

Hiram Monserrate told reporters, “I never joined the Republican Party,” and, “I never will join the Republican Party or their conference.”

Michael Scotto reports that Monserrate was a registered Republican for nine years [no link].

Monserrate echoed the words of Malcolm X to explain his defection from the Democratic caucus.

Michael Schenkler calls Monserrate, and Pedro Espada, heroes (and not in an ironic way).

Bill Bramhall captures the mood in the Senate.

Pedro Espada said he’s the victim of racism.

Dan Janison says the Senate stalemate could be broken by the district attorneys.

Rosie Mendez joins a protest of what she called harassment of gays and lesbians by police.

A city education official seized two pages of notes from a parent who FOILed information from Tweed.

Juan Gonzalez notes the city isn’t complying with the law on reducing class size.

The Post edit board likes the city budget.

Liz Krueger writes that “the biggest failure of my conference was that it was not aggressive enough in advancing a reform agenda.”

Stuart Appelbaum of RWDSU talks about coming out, at the Huffington Post.

Paul DeRienzo looks at the political in-fighting at WBAI.

A Mount Vernon Democrat is saying that “City Council candidate and Democratic district leader Samuel Rivers tried to steal party petitions while carrying a gun.”

There’s no more health benefits for former Port Chester public officials.

361,000 people are unemployed here, more than after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Fewer people are riding the trains because of the economy.

Long Island’s job loss hasn’t been this bad since 1991.

The Hollywood Reporter hopes for a film and TV tax credit.

Mamaroneck pays pretty good overtime.

Public schools are getting safer.

Although robberies in schools are up slightly, from 108 to 122.

Here’s an obituary for Paul Fino, the former congressman and Bronx Republican county leader who fought John Linsday.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg with an elephant in Coney Island yesterday. Morning Read: Monserrate the Hero, Gerson’s Flying Phone