Morning Read: Monserrate’s Demands, Comrie’s Hands, Schumer’s Travel

An 11-year-old died of swine flu.

2,600 school employees will be fired.

“[I]t was clear that the balance of power in the state’s upper house — and the very gears of state government — continued to rest in the hands of Mr. Monserrate,” writes The New York Times. Monserrate said, “You can’t have coalition government with 2 Democrats and 30 Republicans.”

“I wish I could go up there and lay hands on them, and I’m not talking in the spiritual sense,” said Leroy Comrie.

“Not a single one of these greedy bastards should be sent back,” says the Queens Tribune editorial board.

This blogger suggests Tom Golisano is paying for Hiram Monserrate’s high-priced defense attorney.

The New York Post writes that Monserrate may be looking for “money to pay for lawyers to help with his legal troubles.”

Juan Gonzalez says Democrats hope to lure Monserrate back, creating a 31-31 tie, and that Malcolm Smith won’t be their leader.

The Queens Chronicle captures the mood with this image.

Here’s more on the notion of a Governor Espada.

The Daily News editorial board doesn’t want Senate members paid during this mess.

Sheldon Silver doesn’t think fixed terms for Panel for Educational Policy board members is an important issue.

The guy who allegedly spent taxpayer money on shopping trips and donations to “Assembly Member #1” and “Council Member #1” quit his job at a charter school.

Silda Wall throws a party for her husband, Eliot Spitzer, Page Six reports.

Chuck Schumer spent $140,000 of taxpayer money on travel in six months.

A voter in Queens tells Bill Thompson “I support you – but you don’t have enough money.”

Lori Gross says Thompson can spend more money because he has a primary with Tony Avella.

Mole333 tells Kos readers that electing Josh Skaller “is our chance to show America that DFA and the Dean revolution are still alive and well…and can win elections.”

Eric Gioia campaigns on Staten Island.

Alex Zablocki racks up some Republican endorsements.

Serph Maltese wishes he was in Albany these days.

The Conservative Party in Suffolk is trying to evict 2,000 police officers from their party.

The New York Post wants Bloomberg to fire someone who allowed special treatment for a prisoner.

They also wrote, “David Paterson commands nobody’s respect.”

Who is enforcing
the rules about pedicabs?

James Gandolfini morphs from Giuliani into Bloomberg.

And here’s video of Hiram Monserrate when he was running for state senate last year. Morning Read: Monserrate’s Demands, Comrie’s Hands, Schumer’s Travel