Morning Read: Probing Spitzer, Investigating Seabrook, Coaching Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton fractured her right elbow.

Carolyn Maloney said, proudly, that there are “thousands of people calling me, telling me not to run” against Kirsten Gillibrand.

Maloney also said Gillibrand’s vote against TARP means “she voted against the health of the country, the health of our city.”

Wayne Barrett challenges Chuck Schumer’s record on preventing primaries.

Eliot Spitzer said he didn’t do anything wrong in the Troopergate incident, and called it a “canard.”

“Those who are, often, most effective, have ended up being intensely unpopular,” said Spitzer.

Michael Barbaro and David Chen report on Michael Bloomberg’s improving golf game, but note that he “loudly scolds himself when he hits a bad shot—‘Come on, Mike!’”

“The Tweed building is impenetrable,” said Bill de Blasio.

Josh Silverstein is sad about the mud-slinging in the comptroller’s race.

Does the city health commissioner feel sufficiently safe to ride his bicycle in Manhattan?

Federal investigators subpoenaed landlords who rented space to nonprofits connected to Larry Seabrook that are suspected of bilking the city thousands of dollars.

Tony Avella and others yell at the Rents Guidelines Board.

Lisa Colangelo looks at the races in Queens.

Michael Mulgrew will replace Randi Weingarten.

Joe Sitt has something to say about the city’s plan for Coney Island.

Rabbi Leib Glanz requested that Jewish inmates be transferred from Rikers to The Tombs, where he enabled them to get special treatment.

If the Port Authority helped finance Larry Silverstein’s development of Ground Zero, other transportation projects would suffer.

“[P]aper-pushing cops” are being put onto the street in advance of the usual summer crime spike.

Sean Gorman finds out who the highest paid employee is in the town of Bedford.

Someone on Twitter hopes Bloomberg lowers the price of pretzels.

This reader disagrees with a Kos diarist’s explanation of why Bloomberg left the Republican Party.

And at the 4:45 mark in the video above, Spitzer tries telling a television reporter to stop asking questions about the issue that led to his resignation. She replies, “Don’t put that aside, because I’m telling you, people aren’t ready to put that aside.” Morning Read: Probing Spitzer, Investigating Seabrook, Coaching Bloomberg