Morning Read: Rangel’s Probe, Maloney’s Time, Mealy’s Campaign

The House Ethics Committee is investigating whether Charlie Rangel and others took an inappropriate trip sponsored by Carib News.

Rangel reportedly did not list the corporate sponsors of the trip, which include AT&T, HSBC, Sandals and Pfizer.

The Post edit board wonders what took so long for this probe.

Carolyn Maloney said, “I don’t have enough time in the day to take care of the responsibilities I have between work and family.”

Chuck Schumer said Hillary Clinton “was delighted” with Kirsten Gillibrand’s performance.

The Post edit board is also not happy with the new health commissioner's plan to post graphic anti-smoking ads. “Mike's the one who needs to get the message. Please just stop it.”

Bloomberg is in Astoria, again.

Bloomberg hosted the mayor of Caracas.

Bloomberg spokesman Marc La Vorgna disputes what some Chinatown residents say was a promise from the mayor to reopen Park Row.

A Darlene Mealy campaign aide allegedly threatened an opponent’s aide with a gun. Mealy denied the charge, and went on to say, "I’m extraordinary. I come from the people."

A Bayside man videotaped tearing down campaign signs threatened the cameraman with a broom.

John Eligon says Cy Vance may have to "walk a tricky line" between invoking his support from Robert Morgenthau, and embracing the popular theme of change.

Leslie Crocker Snyder called the endorsement a “lovely thing for Cy.”

Snyder’s spokesman says she’d be happy to do an interview with Soho Journal, which is a turnaround from what she was advised by one of her aides.

A deal fell apart in the court case between Pedro Espada Jr.’s son and blogger Rafael Martinez-Alequin because the judge thought Espada’s son was treated too leniently.

Candidates for Anthony Seminerio’s seat emerge.

Gay City News profiles Stuart Appelbaum, and says he “is the first international labor president to publicly embrace his gay sexuality.”

Long Island mayors criticized David Paterson for legislation to consolidate government.

Organeburg town officials consider doubling the length of terms, from two to four years.

Greg Ball is among the people unhappy with a recent flier sent out by two Southeast town officials.

Here’s more on that sexual harassment lawsuit at a local community board.

The city’s Building Department put out a study saying the agency has some problems.

Funding the M.T.A. is still a big, expensive mess.

Some Democrats in the Bronx are barbecuing this weekend.

The Queens Courier runs down some local endorsements.

A telephone and Internet company short-changed the city by about $1 million, said Bill Thompson.

Page Six has an interesting blind item.

Ray Kelly makes some promotions and fulfills a pledge he made to David Paterson.

The gay man who led the fight against what he said were unfair arrests of gay men in porn stores had his own guilty plea vacated.

Duncan Osborne looks at Obama's support among gays.

And a family friend based in Queens, Reza Delghavi, explains what’s happening in Iran. Morning Read: Rangel’s Probe, Maloney’s Time, Mealy’s Campaign