Morning Read, Upstate: A Court-Imposed Day of Senate Reckoning?

Justice Joseph Teresi ordered all 62 state senators to enter the chamber and convene an extraordinary session at 10 a.m. today. He used the words "rude, inconsiderate and egotistical."

Previous extraordinary sessions during this fight were "a fiction," Teresi said.

Republicans are planning an appeal this morning. Filing one should automatically stay Teresi's ruling.

Even in light of Teresi's order, the two sides grew further apart in their negotiating stances. David Paterson claimed a victory in the order.

Bill Hammond thinks Paterson is doing a great job with his "get tough on the Senate" strategy.

Democrats walked away from the negotiating table, saying they will not act on any bill reauthorizing mayoral school control because it's "controversial."

Some senators are getting an earful from constituents.

A coalition of government reform advocates put a proposal on the table for bipartisan operation in the Senate.

When pushed, Rudy Giuliani said on television he is "thinking about" running for governor in 2010.

The News says Tom DiNapoli must withhold the pay of senators.

Paterson's appointments secretary is leaving for the State Insurance Fund.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is still working on draft regulations for gas drilling in the Southern Tier.

At a speech in Saratoga, Paterson predicted a greater budget shortfall is coming.

Two Republican assembly members called on greater fiscal oversight of the M.T.A.

Bob Conner thinks Republicans would be nuts to endorse someone who is socially liberal to replace Representative John McHugh.

And below, a video of Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on the chamber floor attacking Democrats: Morning Read, Upstate: A Court-Imposed Day of Senate Reckoning?