Morning Read, Upstate: An Elections Party, A Bittersweet Pride Parade

Fred Dicker writes about a meeting of Roger Stone and Charles O'Byrne, where, depending on whom you ask, either same-sex marriage or fighting Andrew Cuomo was discussed.

"You girls want to party?" an election commissioner asked reporters at a boozy event in the Finger Lakes.

Negotiations to resolve the leadership struggle in the State Senate are not going so well.

David Paterson met personally with Democrats in the chamber, exhorting them to settle this.

Eventually, as Newsday is very fond of pointing out, this inaction will raise property taxes on Long Island.

It's also screwing up Paterson's plans to avoid laying off state workers.

Dan Janison writes that this will stretch on until the 2010 elections, in some form.

If they're lucky, demographic shifts will tip things toward the Democrats by 2013, according to an analysis of census data.

Liz writes about how the current situation could politically resurrect Paterson.

Paterson marched Sunday in the Pride parade, but not before he could deliver the right to marriage for same-sex couples.

"The people had hopes that this would equal a wedding march," said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Here's Azi's slideshow of the parade.

Political funds controlled by Steve Pigeon, now an aide to Senator Pedro Espada, failed to report some activity, according to a probe by Erie County elections commissioners. And Espada's claim of "no activity" related to a campaign committee this past election cycle is news to two guys who were hired to work on it.

Brian Tumulty reviews Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's potential primary opponents.

And below, a TV ad paid for by the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee targeting Republicans and blaming them for not ending the stalemate: Morning Read, Upstate: An Elections Party, A Bittersweet Pride Parade