Morning Read, Upstate: Beyond Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland

The coalition that claims to have seized control of the State Senate did not take the body into session Wednesday, breaking a promise, after rogue Democrat Hiram Monserrate asked for more time to talk to his colleagues.

"Hiram is driving the train. God help us all," one lawmaker, anonymously, told the Buffalo News.

Monserrate's "last minute shakedown" might include more committee posts and help with his legal defense.

If he flips back, the vote count in the Senate will be deadlocked in a 31-31 tie.

The Democrats will file a lawsuit today to challenge Republican control in nearby Troy.

David Paterson urged senators to "act like adults." They ignored his request. Then the governor went to Albany.

In the turmoil, Malcolm Smith's support is eroding, with his deputy telling the Times "we live day to day."

Tom Golisano, who helped broker the coup, is drawing some criticism.

Former governor Eliot Spitzer says the sheepish legislators have realized they can be coyotes.

The News says the actions are gutless, and doesn't believe there will be a Senate session today.

The Post says Lewis Carroll could never have dreamed up anything this crazy.

Democrats say Steve Pigeon was motivated by patronage.

The paper also sent a clown to add to the antics. "Who'd have guessed that, among these buffoons, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver would emerge as the voice of reason and calm," Andrea Peyser writes.

Speaking of Sheldon Silver: he and other Assembly members finalized a plan for school governance last night.

The plan requires more oversight, but allows the mayor to appoint a majority of members of the Panel for Educational Policy.

The Assembly also passed a law calling for a commission to look at DNA evidence to overturn wrongful convictions.

The News also opines against the Arroyo family, and says after an indictment yesterday are "robbing us blind."

The overruled bottle bill costs taxpayers $235,000 a day.

District attorneys are still mad about the state's restructured drug laws.

The state is still paying rent for an empty office on Long Island.

Jonathan Tasini, a labor activist, said he will mount a primary challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand.

And below, video of a rally in New York in support of Democratic control of the State Senate: Morning Read, Upstate: Beyond Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland