Morning Read, Upstate: Coup Day Nine

The criminal probe against turncoat State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. is growing to examine his earlier terms in office.

This as he claims he can singlehandedly break the leadership deadlock embroiling his chamber.

Espada Jr.'s defection is good for landlords, who were worried Democrats would push a pro-tenant legislative agenda, and Bill Hammond doesn't believe State Senator Hiram Monserrate when he says it's all about rent regulations.

Jim Dwyer looks at how Monserrate pushed aside John Sabini.

The Daily News says we "deserve an end."

It's completely in the hands of the legislature after a judge said it would be "improvident" for him to get involved.

Democrats will not appeal the decision, and, curiously, called it a victory.

The dithering is starting to worry some county executives who need legislative authorization. Like in Tioga County, where a sales tax reauthorization is needed.

A rally was held at the Capitol to throw out the legislators.

The Times Union says of Joe Bruno's support for same-sex marriage: "It's been a while since we've heard such sensible and hopeful talk from anyone even remotely connected to the state Senate. Mr. Bruno is engaging in what's known as reason."

Andrew Cuomo reached a settlement with Suburban Propane over tank rental fees.

Tom DiNapoli criticized the state for paying non-profits late.

Representative John Hall wants the M.T.A. to use stimulus funding to avert a payroll tax.

Representative Carolyn Maloney questions Kirsten Gillibrand's character.

State Senator Brian Foley had a fund-raiser at Jack's Oyster House down the street.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown cancelled a fund-raiser that Steve Pigeon was going to hold for him.

Buffalo Pundit suggests an improvement to one of Azi’s headlines.

And below, David Paterson urging, but not forcing, a solution to the Senate leadership battle: Morning Read, Upstate: Coup Day Nine