Morning Read, Upstate: David Paterson Pulls the Trigger

After two weeks of gridlock, David Paterson said he will call the State Senate into special session on Tuesday to deal with "time sensitive" legislation.

He doesn't care about state senators' vacation plans.

His agenda did not specifically include same-sex marriage, but then he called The Times and said it did.

State Senator Eric Schneiderman writes that the special session should include other items of the liberal agenda.

The coup is, as Newsday proclaims, about power, pork and patronage.

$85 million of pork, to be exact.

Michael Bloomberg tells the Post that "the days of tweaks are over" when it comes to a bill reauthorizing mayoral control.

State Senator Daniel Squadron will co-sponsor a bill that has passed the Assembly that is palatable to Bloomberg.

Dan Janison writes that Frank MacKay likes the reforms enacted by the Senate's Republican-led coalition.

Fred Dicker says that Paterson didn't check with the warring sides when he named two mediators, John Dunne and Stan Lundine.

"I'm not sure if I can add anything," Lundine told the Jamestown Post-Journal.

A legislative tie in Wyoming was once settled by a coin toss.

California investigators are examining whether the National Organization for Marriage, run by New Yorker Maggie Gallagher, is a front for the Mormon Church.

Long Island Bishop William Murphy attacked Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi's support for same-sex marriage.

The Associated Press wrote a nice recap of Kirsten Gillibrand's recent political activities.

And below, Assemblyman Rory Lancman explains his affirmative vote for his chamber's school governance bill: Morning Read, Upstate: David Paterson Pulls the Trigger