Morning Read, Upstate: Hiram Comes Home, NYSUT Backs Gillibrand

State Senator Hiram Monserrate told Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez that he will re-join the Democratic conference in the State Senate, deadlocking the chamber at 31.

"Monserrate stays with Espada, and Espada stays put, too," Espada told The Times.

When told by the News that Monserrate had flipped, Espada called for an investigation.

There's still a court case pending this morning, of course.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said there was no reason for his members to stay in Albany unless the State Senate resolves its leadership dispute.

Fred Dicker says the coup will result in the firing of Mike Fallon, the Democrats' floor counsel.

The coalition was prepared to offer State Senator Bill Stachowski the chair of the Finance Committee.

State Senator Kevin Parker is contemplating a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge in connection with a scuffle he had with a Post photographer. The plea would let him stay in office.

Espada says that no documents were taken from his "second home" in Mamaroneck.

Long Island lobbyists are rooting for the Republicans to control the Senate.

Fernando Ferrer said he's "never" seen Espada at the Puerto Rican Day parade.

Responsible New York will rebut charges before the State Board of Elections today that it improperly coordinated campaign activities.

Silver's school control proposal was introduced as a bill.

NYSUT will endorse Kirsten Gillibrand today.

She's a champion of breast-feeders.

Joe Bruno is backing same-sex marriage.

Tom DiNapoli says he is open to a board overseeing the state's pension fund, something he currently does alone.

David Paterson is planning to create a new Office of Taxpayer Accountability.

A coalition of property owners is close to inking a deal that would allow gas drilling in the Southern Tier.

And below, a video recap of last week's Capitol coup, courtesy of New York Now:

Morning Read, Upstate: Hiram Comes Home, NYSUT Backs Gillibrand