Morning Read, Upstate: Kumbaya

A New York Times poll shows that more black New Yorkers disapprove of David Paterson than approve. The governor remains unpopular overall.

Malcolm Smith will not have any leadership position when the smoke clears.

Juan Gonzalez says Smith could have avoided this by reaching out to Republicans more regularly.

Jacob Gershman says it wasn't a lack of counter-intelligence, but a lack of intelligence that led to this mess.

"I thought that was very rude," billionaire coup-master Tom Golisano said of the fact that supposedly ousted Majority Leader Malcolm Smith fiddled with his blackberry during a closed-door meeting.

He also tried to balance the state budget on the back of an envelope when Democrats presented him with the tax increases that were eventually enacted.

Angelo Aponte, the secretary of the Senate, is now a prime target of the insurgents.

He holds the keys to the chamber doors, which are firmly locked.

Republicans have said they will hold session somewhere else if he doesn't open the doors. A Democratic spokesman described this as just singing "kumbaya."

Some Democrats sit firmly on the fence, and Republicans are already plotting which committees they'd hope to lead.

The White House is reportedly getting involved to save Democratic control.

Democrats said Pedro Espada Jr., who crossed party lines to start this leadership struggle, was trying to improperly steer state money to his surrogates.

Espada Jr. rebutted the (many) charges of ethical impropriety against him.

Will State Senator Tom Duane flip for the sake of bringing a vote on same-sex marriage?

State Senator Darrel Aubertine, mentioned as a possible candidate for Congress, told the Watertown Daily Times the coup is just  a continuation of Albany dysfunction.

All of this political chicanery is making it hard to find someone to run the M.T.A.

And has put the passage of a farm workers bill of rights in question.

It may help, however, the passage of mayoral school-control resolution.

It is npt good for David Paterson's remaining agenda.

Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo is going after loan modification firms.

And below, here's State Senator Kemp Hannon, not known for spicy manners, explaining the leadership coup: Morning Read, Upstate: Kumbaya