Morning Read, Upstate: The Coup Breeds Inaction, The Assembly Passes Mayoral Control

Dean Skelos affirmed State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s right to vote twice … while Espada was in earshot.

"On its face, the constitution does not rule out two votes," Bob Ward, a government expert, said.

Espada took a swipe at State Senator Malcolm Smith, a fellow Democrat, accusing him of sending state funds to a school where his out-of-wedlock daughter goes.

And a grand jury has been convened to investigate Espada.

The Senate stalemate has imperiled member-item funding for other community groups.

It means a measure tightening regulations for young drivers and banning text messages while driving may not be acted on.

It means that Yonkers may not be able to collect property taxes.

The Times Union says the inaction is "absolutely irresponsible."

Despite that, leaders on both sides can't get past their impasse and disagreement over who runs the house. David Paterson, who was acting as a broker, was unable to break the logjam.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said: "There's nothing that can be worse for us now than nothing being done. … It should have been resolved already."

Meanwhile, the state's revenue collections were 36 percent lower than expected for May.

The Assembly passed a mayoral control bill by a decisive 121-18 vote.

It has a rockier future in the State Senate: Democratic Leader John Sampson says he is not ready to bring the Assembly bill for a vote.

An Oswego obstetrician says he's interested in running for Representative John McHugh's seat. 

Deborah Schneer, a Democratic candidate, was nominated as an Ulster County court judge.

Representative Eric Massa is still fighting against pay-by-volume Internet.

More bills are being considered to regulate natural gas mining in the Southern Tier.

After a recanvass, school officials in Schenectady found the annual budget passed after all.

And below, a video of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver presiding, as only Silver can, over a debate-filled session of the chamber's rules committee: Morning Read, Upstate: The Coup Breeds Inaction, The Assembly Passes Mayoral Control