Morning Read, Upstate: The End of the Coup?

Everybody is curious to see what a this afternoon's special session of the State Senate will look like.

David Paterson refused to delay the special session, which lawmakers requested, to allow for more negotiation. Negotiations continued into the night Monday, and a proposal should be presented to senators this morning.

Paterson suggested Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman preside over the chamber, which Republicans blasted as a separation-of-powers issue.

Some Democrats were openly speaking ill of State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., others were working to bring him back into the conference.

The Assembly, meanwhile, worked to shut down its session.

Clyde Haberman writes, "Recent events have crystallized the difference between Tehran and Albany. In one place, political developments are being shaped in part by Twitter. In the other, they are shaped by twits."

The Times editorial board wants the State Senate to work again.

George Onorato agrees not to block same-sex marriage legislation from being voted on in that chamber (something he may not have actually been in a position to prevent anyway).

Paterson will put forward a school-control bill supported by Michael Bloomberg.

After his case was referred to an Albany prosecutor, Espada settled things with the state Board of Elections.

Environmental conservation officials are requiring the Village of Saranac Lake to cover its salt pile.

The Entertainment City project is looking for a legislative boost.

Uticans are getting closer to recalling mayor Joseph Roefaro.

Joe the Plumber for the New York State Senate?

The Washington County public defender is missing.

And below, a video of Republicans on the Senate floor calling on staffers to turn on the microphones. Morning Read, Upstate: The End of the Coup?