Morning Read, Upstate: Two Sessions, One Floor

Dueling sessions in the State Senate brought Albany to a new level of chaos.

David Paterson, who called a special session and sent bills, said he was "disgusted."

At one point, Senator George Winner was blocked from taking the rostrum.

"Don't you dare tell me I'm out of order—you're out of order," Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson yelled at Winner.

"This is turning into the worst reality TV show ever: I'm a senator, get me out of here," Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi said.

Republicans "passed" 85 bills, Democrats "passed" 14 bills.

Paterson called another special session today, where he has included a bill legalizing same-sex marriage on the agenda.

Bill Hammond says the 19 million citizens of New York are the biggest losers in all of this.

The Post says things will likely get worse.

Jacob Gershman says it's like clowns armed with machine guns, and calls on Michael Bloomberg to get involved as a mediator.

Rudy Giuliani is calling for a constitutional convention.

A major M.T.A. capital project can't be approved because of the gridlock.

Senator John Sampson quietly introduced a bill that would require fixed terms for members of the New York's Panel for Educational Policy, a poison pill for Michael Bloomberg.

The Times takes a look at State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s Soundview Health Network.

Assemblyman Tony Seminerio, under indictment, resigned.

The Washington County public defender was found, checking himself into a mental health clinic.

Andrew Cuomo shut down a Buffalo-area debt collection company.

State officials approved another $15 million in subsidies for a chip plant in Saratoga County.

Elmira Mayor Tom Reed may run for Congress against freshman Eric Massa.

The bill legalizing mixed martial arts died when the Assembly adjourned early Tuesday.

And below, a video of David Paterson decrying the Senate farce and vowing (masochistically?) to call for more extraordinary sessions: Morning Read, Upstate: Two Sessions, One Floor