No easy peace in Passaic

Bringing peace to the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization (PCRRO) will not be easy, despite Chairman Scott Rumana's cruise to reelection last night.

Michael Mecca, who co-chairs the Passaic County Republican splinter group GOP Strong, reacted skeptically today to Chairman Scott Rumana’s offer to explore the possibility of setting up a co-chairmanship.

“Actions are louder than words and we’ll see what happens, but there has been no outreach to us since the election. It’s up to him now to reach to us and we’ll consider all,” said Michael Mecca, who co-chairs GOP Strong.

Rumana easily beat Totowa Attorney Carl Mazzie last night, getting 234 votes to Mazzie’s 122. Although Mazzie swore off loyalty to either faction, much of his base of support last night came from GOP Strong.

Rumana's victory came just a week after he fended off a challenge to his assembly seat by Republican fundraiser Joseph Caruso and businessman Anthony Rottino, who had the support of GOP Strong but bristled at a controversial mailer the group issued against Rumana.

Despite Rumana’s strong showing last night, Mecca indicated that his group has no intention of going away, and argued that much of the chairman's support came from cities that have a lot of county committee members but usually vote Democrat in the general election.

“We feel good. Our organization is as strong as ever. Scott did win the chairmanship, but in towns like Paterson and Passaic. Granted he won his hometown of Wayne,” said Mecca. “We won two legislative districts, a county clerk seat, council seats off the line. So we feel very, very good about what we’ve done and will continue to aid the Republican party on to victory in the November elections.’ No easy peace in Passaic