Oglesby not ready to make nice

Ousted Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman Loran Oglesby let loose on her successor, Bill Fey, in a pointed statement released this afternoon, saying that his victory marked “The end of Ronald Reagan's Republican Party in Gloucester County.”

Fey trounced Oglesby at last night’s reorganization meeting by a margin that sources put at greater than two-to-one. Official results were not publicized. It was the end of a long and nasty battle.

Oglesby complained Fey refused to support her for vice-chair after her defeat. She lost that election, too, and by a wider margin.

“Mr. Fey demonstrated no interest in generating party unity by not extending an olive branch to me, by supporting my bid for vice-Chair. This would have been a golden opportunity for Mr. Fey to show the Republicans of Gloucester County that he would stand by his own words to unite this party,” she said. “Mr. Fey failed the test miserably. I, as Chairman, offered Mr. Fey the opportunity to bring peace to our splintered party by asking Mr. Fey to join me and accept the vice-chairmanship. Mr. Fey declined my offer and continued his path of destruction, which once again proves Mr. Fey is not a man of his word. Mr. Fey's lack of vision and acknowledgement of his own personal agenda, was self evident. A good leader would have known this was the only course of action that truly would have set the Gloucester County Republican Party on the road to recovery." Oglesby not ready to make nice