Republicans Hold a ‘Session,’ Blast Dems for Not Attending

ALBANY—State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. joined Republicans on the floor of the chamber for a non-session, taking the opportunity to blast Democrats for continuing to claim a coup hatched last week was illegal and belittling the scope of negotiations they are about to attend.

"My colleagues on this side of the aisle are boycotting their responsibilities, are boycotting their fiduciary rights to the people of this state," Espada Jr. proclaimed. "I ask once again, negotiations to get to back work are out of order. What's in order is that people show up to work as they collect their pay."

Only 31 men and women were counted in the chamber, which gaveled into order, prayed under the direction of one of Espada Jr.'s staffers and conducted a roll call for quorum. The 32 votes needed were not recorded. The actions ceased after about five minutes.

Leaving the floor, Skelos was asked whether a bipartisan leadership agreement could emerge from the negotiations he was about to attend.

"That vote was taken, and now the discussions that we should be having with Malcolm Smith and the members of their conference should involve legislation that we can now move," he said. "We, I'm sure, will have a very interesting discussion."

Republicans Hold a ‘Session,’ Blast Dems for Not Attending