Restoin-Roitfeld at Reeky Party!

Restoin-Roitfeld at Reeky Party!

It was a night full of women being flattered by men. Men.Style.Com and Kanye West hosted an event called “The Women of Fashion 2009” in the courtyard of the Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue.

Why Kanye?

“I’ve loved fashion since kindergarten, and I just feel privileged that I’ve been able to travel and been able to afford the clothes to be able to learn,” said the religious rap star. “I’ve made some mistakes, some good moves, some bad moves, and I’ve just grown every day. I think just learning from my mistakes, and the amount of exposure that I’ve had, has made me become a very influential person.”

What mistakes could you be talking about, Mr. West?

“Just you know, maybe putting things on me, that don’t wear well on me. ”

Dressed all in black, Mr. West fiddled with an empty glass of white wine while talking to the men’s wear designer Thom Browne. The courtyard was so crowded that you could smell all the different kinds of perfumes the guests were wearing just from walking from one side to the other. Hockey player Sean Avery, jeweler Philip Crangi, designer Charlotte Ronson and DJ Paul Sevigny were all present. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, daughter of French <em>Vogue</em> editor Carine Restoin-Roitfeld, said she was flattered to be included in the celebration. “Especially because I’m not even American. I’ve been there for only five years.” Her long brown hair partly in her face, Ms. Restoin-Rotifeld added: “It’s the attitude, not the style, that makes someone fashionable. I hate people who are dressed head to toe in ‘fashion.'” How would she describe her own taste? “I think it’s kind of classic, but add a little rock and sexy touch. I’m always dressed the same.” Restoin-Roitfeld at Reeky Party!