Robocall Says Monserrate ‘Abandoned Barack Obama’

Now, there’s a robocall going around Queens saying Hiram Monserrate “abandoned Barack Obama” because he participated in the Republican coup yesterday.

Already, there’s one robocall hitting Pedro Espada because of the coup.

Liz reports that this one is being sent into Monserrate’s district by “organized labor.

Two readers contacted me about the call already. One of the readers, a guy who asked not to be named but said he’s a “super prime voter” played the call he got on his answering machine tonight t 6:44 p.m.

Here’s how it went it:

“Hiram Monserrate has abandoned Barack Obama and everything we believe in. Call Hiram Monserrate at 718-205-3881. And tell him it’s not ok to become a Republican.

“We Democrats elected him and we can replace him too. We want someone who represents us not someone who won’t do the right thing.

“Maybe it’s time to elect someone we can trust.”

Robocall Says Monserrate ‘Abandoned Barack Obama’