Robo-Caller Seeks Info on ‘Crook’ Espada

Here’s a robocall that political consultant Steve Kramer–whose list of former clients includes Michael Bloomberg–is sending out to 6,000 voters right now in response to the Senate coup yesterday. Kramer said he's paying for it himself, and is ready to send another 6,000 tomorrow to residents in Pedro Espada's district in the Bronx.

I got one call at my desk at City Hall, and another political operative based in Brooklyn told me he got a call on his cell phone.

Here's how it went:

Hello, my name is Steve Kramer.

I’m calling to tell you about yet another scheme by Pedro Espada to defraud the government. He recently tried to swindle $2 million dollars in state public earmarks for two phony non-profits that his associates operate.

The two, Bronx Human Resources and Green ECO Energy, are linked directly to that crook, Pedro Espada.


The call went on to ask anyone with information on Espada to call the appropriate authorities.

Robo-Caller Seeks Info on ‘Crook’ Espada