Senate Dems Open to Arrangement With Espada

ALBANY—After singling him out for attack last week, Democrats are saying that they would be open to a power-sharing arrangement that prominently involves Pedro Espada Jr.

They emerged from a closed-door strategy session to announce that they were seeking to postpone the special session David Paterson has called for tomorrow.

Senator Jeff Klein said that conversations were ongoing toward some kind of a bipartisan operating agreement for the chamber. "Well, if one day we have John Sampson, the other day we have Pedro Espada, I think that's an agreement we could live with," Klein told reporters. "The Senate Democrats have been proposing this power-sharing for a week."

He said he was unaware of reported discussions to bring Espada back into the Democratic fold. "The only thing I say is: Pedro Espada plays by Pedro Espada's rules. The rest of us are here to represent the people of the state of New York and do a job."

Senator Liz Krueger, who has raised concerns about whether Espada, in a position that would let him ascend to the governorship if David Paterson were to leave the state or become incapacitated, could pre-pardon himself or other compatriots. ("Gerald Ford pre-pardoned Richard Nixon," she said.)

Leaving the session, she was asked whether she could support Espada's return.

"I said I couldn't support him as president pro tem," Liz Krueger said. She said she'd conference with him as long as he's a senator. Senate Dems Open to Arrangement With Espada