Sides Agree to Produce Records, Keep Talking Out of Court

ALBANY—We'll have to wait until Monday, or even longer.

Judge Thomas McNamara sent the dueling parties in State Senate leadership struggle back to the negotiating table—a move that has become something of a trademark for him.

By my count, this is the sixth time legal action related to the case has been adjourned. After a closed, hour-long conference, the two sides also agreed to produce a transcript for the court showing the exact proceedings of June 8, the day of the coup. McNamara did not sign a motion, brought by Republicans, that would force Democrat-designated Senate Secretary Angelo Aponte to recognize Dean Skelos and Pedro Espada Jr. as his bosses.

"I think I have stated previously in this matter that I have vacation plans in effect for two weeks," McNamara said. "I've advised counsel that I can and would be available to them during that timeframe either telephonically, through my office, or I would make myself available personally here to help bring a resolution to this matter."

"My grandchildren hope that this matter will be resolved in a way that will not require Papa to be called from his vacation," the increasingly quotable judge continued. "So do I."

Jack Casey, an attorney representing the Republicans, said this will allow both sides to negotiate. He subpoenaed the Senate journal and transcript from that date, which were agreed to under a stipulation by Democrats.

"It buys everyone time," Casey told reporters after the case adjourned. "Everyone can take a deep breath and go back to the negotiating table. You have been in labor negotiations; I'm sure, standing outside the door. There are very sensitive issues here and very important issues for the people of the State of New York. And we want to carefully to proceed through the negotiations, and hopefully there will be a resolution."

The parties will have a conference on the issue, if it is still outstanding, at 1 p.m. Monday.

Sides Agree to Produce Records, Keep Talking Out of Court