Siegel Defends the Adult Entertainment Industry

Here’s public-advocate candidate and civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel, saying he thinks the Bloomberg administration is “insensitive” to the First Amendment rights of the adult entertainment industry.

Siegel was speaking at small rally outside City Hall just now where he and others called on the Manhattan district attorney to vacate the arrests and convictions of gay men who were patronizing sex shops. One man’s conviction was recently vacated. Critics have said the arrests were entrapment and unfairly targeted the gay community.

One D.A. candidate, Richard Aborn, has called for an independent investigation into the arrests.

Siegel said it’s part of an effort by the city to portray some sex shops as places where criminal activity often takes place, and could lead to them being shut down.

Siegel said, “It’s all part of a scheme to go after the adult entertainment industry, when they know they can’t do it directly, because the First Amendment prohibits it. So what they do is they do it indirectly, such as this.”

Siegel Defends the Adult Entertainment Industry