Speaking for Weprin, Sheinkopf Attacks Katz, Ignores Liu

Hank Sheinkopf is doing his bit to make a surprisingly lively comptroller’s race a little livelier.

Here’s the response I got from Sheinkopf, who is working for candidate David Weprin, to yesterday’s Quinnipiac poll, which showed Weprin behind the three other Democratic candidates:

“The road to city hall has never been paid for by landlords’ money. Landlord candidate Melinda katz, will be found out by the voters.”

This is not the first time Sheinkopf has made Katz, the target of his ire. But Katz, who enjoys good relations with the real estate industry, is polling in second place. (Maybe Sheinkopf just doesn’t have anything bad to say about first-place candidate John Liu. Or maybe he just doesn’t believe in polls.)

A spokesman for Katz, Ryan Toohey, had this to say in response to Sheinkopf:

“Melinda is proudly running on her record of working with business leaders, labor unions and New York’s workers to create jobs, build affordable housing and provide quality schools for our kids. And this was all done while preserving more than 6000 blocks in this city. Today’s poll shows that voters are responding to that record.” Speaking for Weprin, Sheinkopf Attacks Katz, Ignores Liu