Statement By Chairman Jay Webber On Today’s Congressional Hearing


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Statement By Chairman Jay Webber On Today's Congressional Hearing


TRENTON – Today, Chairman Jay Webber issued the following statement in response to the ongoing partisan antics by New Jersey Democrats surrounding the Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C.:

"While Chris Christie has a record of securing over 130 convictions of crooked politicians and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by cracking down on corrupt corporations, the Democrat record in this state is a skyrocketing 8.8% unemployment rate, the highest tax burden in the country and a spiraling budget deficit. Given the pressing issues facing our state, I know that the Democrats have better things to do with their time than to orchestrate a partisan sideshow during an election year. But, desperate political parties do desperate things – and New Jersey Democrats are nothing, if not desperate these days."




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  Statement By Chairman Jay Webber On Today’s Congressional Hearing