Stewart’s Opponent Calls for His Resignation

One of Kendall Stewart’s opponents, Jumaane Williams, called on him to resign from office, now that two of his staffers are reportedly set to plead guilty to embezzling $145,000 in public money.

Williams also said during a recent debate that Stewart “said his chief of staff wasn’t involved.” Williams said the debate was hosted by Whats Up television. A City Hall News story about that event does not mention the exchange.

During a press conference on the City Hall steps just now, Williams said, “At the worst, Mr. Stewart had to have been complicit and known what was going on. At the minimum, he signed off on things without reading it and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in his office. Either one is very bad. One should make him have to be indicted. The other, at least, he should be removed and resign from office.” Stewart’s Opponent Calls for His Resignation