The Assembly’s Last Day?

ALBANY—It’s the Assembly’s last scheduled session day this year, and they’re expecting a long one.

The morning started with a three-page active list, which will likely grow as committees move more legislation. Dinner has been ordered. Members are prepared to stay late this evening, and possibly re-convene Tuesday. A wagering pool on the exact adjournment time is being run by members I’m not supposed to name.

Some high-profile bills remain in the mix. There’s a recently amended measure by Assemblywoman Marge Markey to make it easier for victims of childhood sex abuse to sue their attackers. It’s unclear whether it will be considered today, or whether it has the votes, several members told me.

Nor is it clear whether a bill legalizing mixed martial arts will come to the floor. I asked Assemblyman Steve Englebright, a Long Island Democrat, whether it would make it.

“I learned long ago never to try and predict what will or won’t happen on the last day of session,” he replied.

I asked whether session would actually end today.

“Do you remember your high school chemistry?” he asked “What is one of the laws of gasses?”

I stuttered something about gas having no definite shape or volume. Which turned out to be sort of right.

“A gas will always expand to fill its container,” he said. “And in this case, our container has four days into which we can expand.”

The Assembly’s Last Day?