The Eric Gioia Story, as Told by Eric Gioia

Eric Gioia, the city councilman who is running from behind in a race for public advocate, is out with a nearly two-minute-long Web video introducing himself. It was posted on his campaign Web site this morning and pointed out to me by a campaign aide.

In the video, Gioia recounts his life story. He says he earned the money to go to college thanks to the “good wages negotiated by a strong union.” (That union, which goes unmentioned, is 32BJ, which has endorsed Councilman Bill de Blasio in the public-advocate race.

At the 0:36 mark, a black-and-white photo of Gioia with Bill Clinton appears, and he talks about his “lucky break” getting to work in the White House.

At the 1:33 mark, there is an unmistakable shot at Mark Green, the front-runner in the race, who, for years, appeared as a commentator on New York 1 News.

“Being public advocate is more than just going on cable television and yelling and screaming,” Gioia says. “It’s about rolling up your sleeves and solving problems.”

Gioia rolls up his sleeves a lot.

Gioia lacks the name recognition of Green, and probably even of civil-liberties attorney Norman Siegel, who is making his third run for the office, so this won’t be the last of his broadcast introductions.

A campaign aide said they’re working on other Web videos, in addition to whatever television spots they run.

The Eric Gioia Story, as Told by Eric Gioia