The Goodman Commission

Former state senator Roy Goodman of Manhattan released a statement today saying he’d like the stalemate in the Senate to be broken by a bipartisan commission.

Goodman, one of the last of the Rockefeller Republican types, recommends the following “individuals of the highest caliber” to serve on it:

Former governors George E. Pataki, Mario Cuomo and Hugh Carey, former state comptroller Ned Regan, and former mayors David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani.

A spokesman for Koch, who has expressed his disgust at Pedro Espada Jr.’s role in the coup, emailed to say the former mayor thinks “such a committee is a good idea” and he would be happy to serve on such a panel, subject to his medical condition.

Dinkins, in a brief chat with me outside an event in Harlem , said he was astonished by the defections that led to the stalemate. The Goodman Commission