The Observer 100 Speak! Voices From the Party for the Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate

Just a random sampling of the boldface names that turned out on Wednesday evening at the Four Seasons for The Observer 100 party for the Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate: Paul Massey, Robert Knakal, Robert Tierney, Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Silver, Donald Trump, Stephen Ross, Marc Holliday, Bill Rudin, James Cooper, David Arena, Amir Korangy, Jonathan Miller, Howard Lorber, Pam Liebman, David Walentas, Jane Walentas, Daun Paris, Peter Hauspurg, William Zeckendorf, Veronica Hackett, Mitchell Steir, Amanda Burden, Kirk Henckels, Darcy Stacom, Norman Sturner, David Dinkins and Sam Giarusso.

Thoughts from the honorees (and a slideshow here!):


Kirk Henckels of Stribling Private Brokerage

“I’ve never done as much business in my career as I have in the last month … but whether or not we can hold on to that … It’s the summer, after all, people’s thoughts turn to the Hamptons.”


Sam Giarrusso, President of M&T Bank

“I thought there might be like 12 people here, although I guess there are 100 on the list. I’m very pleasantly surprised, who knew who was going to come?”


William Lie Zeckendorf, Co-chairman of Zeckendorf Development

 “I’m looking forward to next year, when this [recession] is going to be over.”


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

“I’m most excited to see Jared Kushner. I think he’s a young man who has made a place for himself very quickly in life and I admire that; he has the energy and foresight and promotional ability to do it.

“Anybody in business today, anywhere in the world, has difficulty, but the economic cycle will just make this a moment in history and I think things will turn up, and New York should be prepared for the outcome”


Mitchell Rudin, President and CEO of CBRE in the New York Tri-State Region

“Who was I most excited to see here? My son!” (Mr. Rudin’s son accompanied his father, wearing an identical suit.)


Donald Trump, chairman of the Trump Organization

“It’s a great party, great party. Everybody’s here, so you can’t do better.

“I think the market’s O.K. The New York market is O.K. It’s not what it was two years ago, but it’s certainly one of the best in the country. 

“I’m optimistic. I’m always optimistic about New York.”


Michael Bloomberg, addressing the crowd

“I just came from taking a thousand pictures with the city’s valedictorians and salutatorians at the city’s high school and their parents. If I can get through that, I can get through you.

“We have recently opened a new beachfront property in Manhattan. True, it’s in the middle of Times Square but where else can you get a tan and listen to the Naked Cowboy.”

“I know our city is going through some tough times right now, especially for the real estate market, but don’t think for one second we’re going to stop investing in the future. That was the mistake that was made back in the 1970s and we’re not going to do it again. Whether it’s Hudson Yards or Hunter’s Point or Willets Point, we’re going to continue to lay the foundation for new neighborhoods and we’ll continue putting our federal stimulus dollars to work.

“If you want what New York has, it’s only available in one place and in the end, that’s our ace in the hole, that’s why we’re going to come back stronger and better than everyone else.” and

  The Observer 100 Speak! Voices From the Party for the Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate