Thompson Presents His Team

It's slightly odd timing, but Bill Thompson's campaign just announced a list of campaign staffers they've hired. Some were already known, but at least one caught my eye: Carly Lindauer. Lindauer recently left the P.R. firm Sunshine, Sachs & Associates, where one of her clients was the state Democratic Party. She'll be the campaign's director of communications.

Anne Fenton, who has been on the campaign for a few months, now has the title of press secretary, along with Mike Murphy, and Janet A. Dickerson (who once worked for Cory Booker).

Anyway, here's the list:

The team includes:

Jonathan Drobis, Deputy Campaign Manager Jonathan Drobis joins the campaign from consulting firm Ambrosino, Muir & Hansen where he worked for President Barack Obama, Senator Mark Begich, and Governor Joe Manchin. Drobis previously served as a field operative for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire, Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Montana.

L. Joy Mitchell, Political Director Prior to joining the campaign, L. Joy Mitchell served as Deputy Director of Community Relations in the NYC Comptroller’s Office. She has also served as Campaign Manager for Karim Camara’s 2006 State Assembly bid and Field Coordinator for McCall 2002.

Carly Lindauer, Communications Director Carly Lindauer recently served as the Communications Director for the New York State Democratic Committee where she helped guide the Committee through the last election cycle. Prior to that, Lindauer worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as the Deputy Communications Director in New Hampshire, and the Communications Director in Missouri, Wisconsin, Vermont and North Carolina.

Jeremy Hoffman, Policy Director Jeremy Hoffman has previously worked as Deputy Legislative Director for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and as Policy and Political Director for Congressman Michael McMahon’s successful primary campaign in the 13th Congressional District in Staten Island. Most recently, Hoffman worked as a grassroots consultant for the Washington, D.C.-based Dewey Square Group, a national political consulting firm specializing in strategic communications and grassroots organizing.

Peter Brown, Field Director Peter Brown most recently served as Political and Field Director for Yes on Referendum I in Colorado. In 2004, Brown was the Deputy Director of the coordinated field effort in Colorado, and was the Field Director for the open-seat campaign for Congressman Rick Larsen in Washington State.

Yvette Jackson, Director of Operations Yvette Jackson recently worked as Special Assistant to the Executive Deputy Comptroller in the Office of the New York City Comptroller. Jackson has also previously served as the Director of Policy at the Abyssinian Development Corporation and Associate Director of the Citizens Union Foundation.

Anne Fenton, Press Secretary Anne Fenton was the Communications Director for Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion. Prior to her work in the Bronx, Fenton was the Health and Safety Director at the Uniformed Firefighters Association and a Senior Account Executive at the Hoffman Group in Washington, D.C.

Janet A. Dickerson, Deputy Press Secretary Janet A. Dickerson joins the Thompson Campaign from the communications office of Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory A. Booker. As Deputy Press Secretary, Dickerson interacted daily with both local and national news outlets, as well as community stakeholders on behalf of rising national leaders of the Democratic Party.

Mike Murphy, Deputy Press Secretary Mike Murphy was the Press Secretary for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and was previously Press Secretary to Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion and Councilmember Peter Vallone.

Sandra Duque, Scheduler Before joining the campaign, Sandra Duque worked as the Community Coordinator for Manhattan at the Comptroller’s Office. She previously worked as a Policy Analyst for the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families Inc., a not-for-profit organization focused on enhancing services for under-served communities.

Thompson said “This is a fantastic team and one that will help make this campaign a success. I look forward to working with this talented group of individuals as I work to share my vision for our city with New Yorkers across the five boroughs."

Thompson Presents His Team