Unreal Estate! 14 Windows Facing the Sunrise

It’s been four years and eight months since Francesco Galesi, the former WorldCom director, put his 50-window, 16-room, eight-bathroom duplex at the outstandingly blue-blooded River House co-op on the market for $50 million.

His tag has come down to a more modest $35 million, but there are still no takers for its 1,242-square-foot (egad!) drawing room, 11-foot ceilings, four-sided views and an 11-by-11 master dressing room, which happens to be bigger than both of the duplex’s maid’s rooms. Even Mr. Galesi’s library gets its own study—not to be confused with the study upstairs, or the sitting room that pops up between two of the six bedrooms over in the southeast corner.

mabelson@observer.com Unreal Estate! 14 Windows Facing the Sunrise