Vas may be socked with even more charges

Assemblyman and former Perth Amboy Mayor Joseph Vas is likely to face even more charges from the federal government, The Star-Ledger reports.

According to the paper, Assistant U.S. Attorney Briane Howe told a federal judge in Newark today that more charges against Vas were pending in front of a grand jury.

If the charges come to fruition, it will be the fourth time in three months that Vas has been charged with corruption by either state or federal authorities.

Vas, along with aide Melvin Ramos, was originally indicted in March by State Attorney General Anne Milgram on charges of bilking the city of Perth Amboy for personal expenses and allegedly rigging a housing lottery for an aide. Two months later, the federal government jumped in, charging Vas with 11 counts involving the sale of an apartment building that he flipped for a huge profit. The next day, Milgram charged Vas with even more offenses, alleging that he took gifts and payment from city vendors and laundered money to his 2006 Congressional campaign through straw donors.

In addition to Vas, some of his top aides and city employees under his administration have been charged with corruption offenses, many of whom have pleaded guilty.

Vas remains in the Assembly but is not seeking reelection. He has been stripped of his leadership position and committee memberships and has not showed up at a session since his first indictment. Vas may be socked with even more charges