Vito Lopez on Diana Reyna

Here’s Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic chair Vito Lopez discussing the City Councilwoman he hopes to defeat this September, Diana Reyna. Lopez is supporting Maritza Davila against Reyna, whom he once supported and employed.

At this June 12 event, Lopez mentioned a bunch of elected officials that he works well with, but said, “There is one link that’s missing.”

Lopez said there was “constant conflict, undercutting. We spend more time with our present Council member destroying things and stopping things from happening than we do trying to build.”

Later, Lopez said when Reyna was elected, “I’m not sure she knew what an ED or AD was.” (That’s “election district” and “Assembly district,” in case you’re wondering.)

Without people working together, said Lopez, “you don’t bring the maximum resources.”

Anyway, it’s an interesting race. David Seifman has more on the development project Lopez is referring to. Vito Lopez on Diana Reyna