Weekend in Review: Albany, Afghanistan, Iran

A video from the community group FROGG about the Gowanus Canal.

Paterson ordered a special session of the legislature in an effort to get the State Senate to agree on a plan.

He might even sic the police on them!

But he can't force them to vote.

Paterson chose two mediators, so far not much has changed.

At one point yesterday, Pedro Espada Jr. said there would be a deal soon.

Over the weekend, Espada unloaded numerous bags at his Bronx co-op, where he's almost never been seen, and then showed a Daily News reporter around to prove he lives there.

At one point yesterday, Hiram Monserrate compared himself to Jesus.

Azi has video of that.

But still, the parties went on!

Paterson also introduced 511, which probably won't get the attention he hopes it will.

If it's any consolation, legislature deadlock is not uncommon, apparently.

Michael Bloomberg was a target of discontent at the Mermaid Parade.

The Post possibly has too much fun with Betsy Gotbaum's budget complaints.

Bill Thompson's campaign was busy Twittering articles from last week.

A New York Times reporter, David Rhode, escaped from the Taliban, who had been holding him hostage for seven months.

The Times did an "unbelievable job" of keeping the story from being reported, which would have made his situation more dangerous.

Reportedly, the Times was willing to pay ransom.

A lot of editors were uncomfortable keeping the secret, and seem surprised that everyone did.

Political IV considers scenarios for the open 23rd congressional district, which may not exist shortly.

Ed Koch and Bill Clinton have the same heart surgeon.

A building in Fort Greene collapsed.

A building partially collapsed on Admiral Row.

The DCCC is in debt.

Foreign reporters in Iran are being detained.

A spokesman for Mousavi who is not in Iran published a piece in the Guardian.

Footage of a woman being shot is turning her into a symbol of resistance.

Nineteen people have died.

Weekend in Review: Albany, Afghanistan, Iran