Weiner and Bloomberg Appear Together in Public

Joining Michael Bloomberg this morning to announce $30 million in federal funds for local district attorneys Anthony Weiner, who had planned to run against him in this year’s mayoral race.

It was the first public event the two have attended together since Weiner dropped out of the race in late May. At the time, Weiner cited his work in Congress and Bloomberg’s unlimited financial resources as his reasons for backing out. Weiner later endorsed Bill Thompson.

Also there were Representative Jerry Nadler and district attorneys from Queens and Staten Island.

At the event, Bloomberg praised the cooperation that exists between “Anthony,” the rest of the congressional delegation, and elected officials on the city and state levels.

Bloomberg said, “We’ve made it a priority to reach out and make sure, if Anthony or Jerry or any other of our delegation needs somebody to come up with the facts, help them, coach them, have them coach us and have us go down and testify, you know, it’s part of the job.”

With respect to delivering federal money for the city, Bloomberg said, “They’re always asking and we’re always there to help and that’s why you see them deliver. Nobody does anything by themselves.” Weiner and Bloomberg Appear Together in Public