Weird Science: Will the Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone Cover Work Again?

In August 2008, the Jonas Brothers scored their first Rolling Stone cover under the cover line: “Jonas Brothers: God! Girls! Guitars.” This week, they’ve landed their second cover, standing by the cover line: “Boys to Men.” (And yes, the issue closed before news of Michael Jackson’s death broke.)

Last August, the Jonas Brothers issue sold 151,160 copies off the newsstand, above the magazine’s 125,000 average, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s Rapid Report. It was the fourth best seller of the year for the biweekly.

Will it work the second time around? Repeat covers is a trick that Rolling Stone has pulled before—three times last year, and several times in the last few years, with mixed results. Below, the numbers. As you’ll see, betting on repeats is far from an exact science:


February 2, 2008: 149,032
December 11, 2008: 136,264


April 3, 2008: 87,301
September 18, 2008: 103,692


March 20, 2008: 153,605
July 10, 2008: 201,765
October 30, 2008: 142,197


November 8, 2007: 120,410
February 5, 2009: 125,555


August 7, 2008: 151,160

Note: Bob Dylan has appeared twice in the last year, but ABC doesn’t have data on the May issue where Dylan landed the cover again, so we did not include it. Also, Chris Rock appeared in the September issue on a cover that also featured David Letterman and Tina Fey.

Weird Science: Will the Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone Cover Work Again?